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Collect Cards, Build Decks

Assemble powerful cards into winning decks and conquer the board against any foe!

Which Faction Will Reign Supreme?

Choose from six factions varying in abilities and playstyles. Who will you fight for?

Frame Legion

A faction with an aggressive playstyle. "Berserk" is its main ability that makes your damaged units stronger.

Tidal Nether

A faction with a defensive playstyle. "Link" is its main ability that strengthens your units when unit arrows face each other.

Planet Guardian

A faction with board-controlling playstyle. "Lock" is its main ability which makes slot(s) temporarily unusable.

Cyclone Fury

A faction with a strategic playstyle. "Move & Backstab" is its main ability that allows you to move units on the board freely.

Shadow Realm

A faction with a disturbing playstyle. "Last Wish & Dark Matter" are its main abilities and triggers when units are destroyed.

Divine Grance

A faction with a stacking playstyle. "Aura" is its main ability which strengthens all closeby allied units.

Become A Card Collector

Collect over 300 cards with unique abilities and build the ultimate card deck combinations. Discover countless card combinations from your collection.

Complete Challenges and Win Prizes

Fulfill daily and weekly challenges and earn prizes. Collect and boast your favorite hero skins, card sleeves, avatars, and titles!


Win Strategic and Fierce Battles

Athenion is a game where you win using rock-solid strategy and tactics. Every card placement can turn the tide of battle in a heartbeat. Compete against top players worldwide and conquer the board!