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Athenion: Tactical CCG went into full launch on November 28, 2019 premiering a brand new look and feel, Adventure Mode, Missions, Faction Levels, and new cards. The collectible card game was developed by team ZERO-bit, a team of Thai talents and spearheaded by Founder and CEO Jiravat Maleenont.

Athenion is a unique tactical card game played on a 4x4 board. The game plays homage to card and board games, uniting the two genres into one digital platform. Players can collect over four hundred cards with unique abilities to assemble their decks. The game features six playable factions Divine Grace, Tidal Nether, Flame Legion, Shadow Realm, Cyclone Fury, and Planet Guardian. Each faction promotes unique playstyle players can adopt and employ to their advantage against other competing players. The game is available on iOS and Android devices.

The team hosted the live event held at Siam Square One in Bangkok featuring presentations from ZERO-bit’s Founder and CEO Mr. Jiravat Maleenont and Game Producer Mr. Saris Punkasem. Mr. Maleenont appeared on stage and described each faction’s unique mechanics. He indulged in the game’s unique presentation; Athenion is a card game played on a 4x4 board. Next, he talks about deck assemblage, a key component in mastering the game. The game features many cards with a spectrum of abilities players can pick to assemble their decks. Deck creation is versatile. Mr. Maleenont stresses on the importance of deck customization to fit a player’s playstyle whether they opt to go on the offense or defense. Depending on the type of faction played, deck strategies and card placement plays a pivotal role in achieving victory or loss. Athenion is available to download in sixteen countries and plans to go global within the next year.

Next, Mr. Punkasem presented Athenion’s development cycle, showcasing the very first prototype drawn on cards, splayed out on the presentation screen. He explained how the game evolved over its development phases to what it is known today. Mr. Punkasem  delivered an insight about seasonal activities players can opt to collect tokens. These tokens are used to exchange for cosmetic items such as card sleeves, avatars, and titles in the game’s Event Shop. He ended the segment by revealing two new cards players can unlock in the game. 

The live event showcased a live exhibition match between top Athenion players, demonstrating their card decks and strategies on screen. Other event activities included a cosplay booth, a Polaroid photobooth, lucky draw, and lucky wheel booths. Registrants at the event received a gift bag as a souvenir.